Brian Kilmeade responds to San Francisco shootings

Brian Kilmeade reacted to the four shootings in San Francisco that killed two people today: “In a city that’s the most liberal city in America, violent crime is up 69% since Mayor Jeremiah Lee took office. I know that sounds crazy, the liberal base at this point in time, but in a city that has the most liberal policy of any in America, why are violent crimes on the rise?”

Kilmeade asked: “Somebody in that town even had one of the suspects fleeing from police a day earlier, and the officers had to chase him a block through a neighborhood, which sounds crazy, and then he turned and shot two people. It’s just like they have a license to steal a vehicle.”

Kilmeade also said that San Francisco “has a license to shoplift” on Saturday mornings, and KFOX is making the decision to change the channel on its 2pPM news coverage to the robbery stories.

Colin Jones said that crime shouldn’t be a political platform: “It is. Because if you talk about it, or legislate it away. Then it is not politics. When this column comes out about crimes that are up is it just a political platform? The point is, take a look at the reason crime rates are rising, look at it because of a fiscal situation in the city.”

Jones commented that Mayor Lee makes the decision how the department carries out their missions. He did however talk about the city-wide train ban and said it was a response to one specific incident earlier in the day.

“Did you hear the big story this morning, Kelly Fitzpatrick dropped a loaded .380 gun. But it was discovered in the back of the train, which allows it to be picked up at the same place. No one else dropped it. She let it be.”

Jones stated that if she was not done shopping, the gun would have ended up on the street.

“You watch a store that you walk into, you see it looks like it is secured, it looks like it is locked up. It had the safety around the holster, it had the safety around the trigger when the gun goes off and you’re not thinking maybe I could get my hands on it.”

Jones pointed out that the same thing happened in San Diego last week and that he gave directions on how to handle it: “You say, ‘Hold it, I’m not messing with a gun.’ When I was in San Diego I would not touch one. I would be under the counter watching it and waiting for the police to get there.”

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