‘Fornication’: Toronto police baffled as road remains closed

Police investigating when it started and why it has not been reopened

The reason is still baffling to many motorists on a busy Toronto street, with many venting their frustration on social media over the closure of a one-way road for months.

The road, Adam Mickle Avenue, is near malls, a mall parking lot and a nearby university and has been closed for months on end. Toronto mayor John Tory said he is not aware of an official cause for the closure of the road, which has not been reopened despite requests by drivers.

Tory said he has spoken to Toronto police, but they are unclear what the road closure might be. He expressed no particular belief as to why the closure might be continuing, writing: “I think they are likely doing due diligence.”

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According to the Toronto Star, the road was originally opened in 2009 as an express lane, to help ease the congestion on York Mills Road, a major artery for traffic in the area.

Drivers have been unable to use the road for about three months and no official reason has been given as to why, though comments in comments posted to the Toronto Star and Facebook page note problems with the design of the road in the beginning and to the site of the incident itself.

This incident has not resulted in an increased number of accidents, police said.

“Whatever they are doing is acceptable,” one user wrote on the Toronto Star Facebook page. “I will be driving on Bay, not for the love of the road, and when I am, will keep my honking at the ‘fornication’ going on in my lane.”

Police also confirmed on Friday that investigators have requested traffic camera footage as they attempt to determine when the road is closed and when it should be reopened.

The roads department of the City of Toronto had no information to provide to the Guardian. Toronto police did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

This article has been updated to clarify John Tory’s status as mayor of Toronto

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