Interview with Maria Eason on abortion, Planned Parenthood and politics

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Editor’s Note — At some point, every woman will get tangled up in one of those stories about the feminist movement.

Did the movement support selective breeding? Do we still support selective breeding today? Do we want to see selective breeding and do we oppose it? These are always hot button topics when the subject is feminism, and we see this in part in both “Double Jeopardy,” which debuts on Lifetime tonight, and the “Opinionated Women” series on CNN. This podcast series, “Double Jeopardy,” takes these issues head on, posing the women who have taken them head on, and the women who offer unsolicited and sometimes counterpoints.

The women who appear on CNN’s “Opinionated Women” are quickly connecting with a new audience with their new podcasts, including Laura Ingraham, Molly Jong-Fast, Julie Roginsky, Ana Marie Cox, Tania Hayward, Maria Cardona, Celia Farber, and Laura Eason.

Eason opens the podcast with this piece of advice: don’t listen to anyone who says “feminism means different things to different people.” “Yes, that’s the truth, but it’s not that easy,” she says. And that advice may prove to be key in discussing the politics of reproductive rights, part of one of the most popular topics in the podcast roundtable — abortion.

“The truth is, all these issues that we’re working on, some of them are very upsetting to certain people who are staunch defenders of abortion and the liberal feminist movement, but I think we have to acknowledge that we are all kind of stuck in this election cycle and I think we have to look at ourselves as women who are struggling with these issues, too.”

But then she turns the topic to abortion politics and how some women have dedicated their lives to changing the abortion laws.

“I find it incredibly powerful when I hear conversations with women who are having abortions and their stories and how there’s one thing about the election season that they’re all delighted about, which is that it highlights to them why their position on abortion is so important.”

Moving to current issues that tend to get lost in the election cycle, Rappaport brings some much needed balance to conversation on abortion and the war on women in the working class, what happened to the Democrats and Planned Parenthood, the reality of abortion on demand, all the good things that the Democrats did as a party and how this week’s budget cuts come at a bad time for abortion rights.

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