Letter: I’m disappointed with Kirkcaldy United Left

Sue Higginson

Green councillor for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath

It was a depressing and brutal occasion to be there with colleagues.

Walking to the conference hall, we went past a small campaign group consisting of people calling for gender justice in climate action. In a stark contrast, women representing coal miners’ unions were still wearing their union blazers, loudly defending coal.

How well they should do this, we do not know. But my female peers standing and responding to colleagues – mostly men – to support and defend coal, I found this deeply depressing.

The action from the Norway Group was much needed. To see hundreds of people across the city coming together, forming a human banner in a building, putting themselves at risk and being so creative to highlight fossil fuel’s devastation across the world, was a powerful indication of the energy of people across Scotland to end the impacts of climate change.

But along with so many others, I am shocked that this movement was unable to attract the funding needed to make progress on climate change. Climate and transport justice are central to providing a future for humanity. They cannot be based on a project which brings huge inefficiency and energy waste to our transport system and infrastructure.

As much as people do care about the environment and are prepared to get involved, funding for the efforts of future generations cannot be based on short-term local politics or viability. Our future is too precious to be ridden out by the next election or trade negotiations. We need much more radical and fundamental change now. This is where we need to be going.

Join us all in supporting Scottish women’s movements on climate justice.

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