Ludmila Aliyeva says Saudi Arabia tried to lure her to ‘cover up all sorts of crimes’

Ludmila Aliyeva, president of the Court of Arbitration for Sport, had gone to meet Izzat Ibrahimov, former head of the Gulf Olympic Committee

The daughter of a former Saudi Arabian sports official has claimed that Saudi Arabia attempted to lure her to its consulate in Istanbul in what she described as an attempt to cover up “all sorts of crimes” committed by her father and other Saudi officials involved in corruption.

Ludmila Aliyeva had gone to meet the Izzat Ibrahimov, former head of the Gulf Olympic Committee, in connection with the corruption case, she said on her Facebook page.

“They lured me with the offer to come visit them,” she said, adding that she turned them down.

The ICCS said it had received a report from its committee’s vice president over what it said were “acts of a criminal nature in the monitoring of its president”, Ludmila Aliyeva.

Saudi Arabia’s justice ministry said it was investigating the allegations. “All possible causes of this commission, including the source of them, will be investigated,” the ministry said on Twitter.

Ibrahimov has been suspended from working at the International Olympic Committee since August, following allegations of suspected corruption in the bidding process for the 2022 winter Olympics in Beijing and the 2020 summer games in Tokyo.

The IOC said it is working with authorities in Tokyo and Beijing to determine the truth of the allegations, adding that it was aware of the latest allegations against Ludmila Aliyeva.

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