New Popeyes menu item is making its way to London restaurant chain

A big-name fast-food company is taking on one of the world’s biggest food orders: London.

The first Popeyes menu item is being added to the Wills & Hunts chain, an American-owned restaurant chain operating in the United Kingdom, CNN reported.

Popeyes will now offer its variety of chicken tenders, wings, and other items in 31 UKW locations throughout the London area.

“When we opened Popeyes locations in New Orleans, we wanted to branch out to other markets, and we’re certainly delighted to announce we will soon be opening locations in London,” Paul Murphy, Popeyes president, said in a statement.

It’s expected to launch in full in the fall of 2018.

“The menu offering includes our current variety of traditional fried chicken tenders, chicken wings, Catfish, Original Z, and Louisiana Cajun and Herb Shrimp,” according to CNN.

This isn’t the first time the chain has added to a foreign market. It opened locations in New Zealand, Australia, the Philippines, Kenya, Colombia, and throughout Africa in 2017, according to its website.

Sales in the UKW division fell from 2015 to 2016 due to competitive competition and the success of the menu offerings of their major competitors, McDonald’s and Subway, but the latter said sales were up overall in the UKW last year.

Popeyes is the second largest chicken-and-waffle chain in the world with over 9,000 locations and is based in Louisiana.

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