Roman amphitheater, beware of the ‘adventurers’!

Renowned for its danger and intrigue, it seems the Colosseum would be a perfect place for an adventure story. So the evening rumor went in Rome as some “adventurers” decided to drink a beer at the fortified Roman amphitheater.

A bystander waiting for the next bus to cast off for the Altare della Valle was excited to learn that some high school kids were drinking beer at the tourist attraction, Rome’s world-famous Roman amphitheater. He watched the teenagers pose with their bellies stuffed full of the brew as they sat in the belly of the amphitheater, the eve of the Feast of the Assumption.

As the bus approached, the unknown men, who looked as though they were students from the nearby University of Rome, casually set off running, leaving behind the case full of beer.

Photo from YouTube:

During the alcohol-heavy new year, the tickets to see the mysterious amphitheater — which attracts millions every year — cost an additional 15% ($5). Their rule at the Beefeater bar was simple: If you get to the top, you can take another sip! Once someone in the group had his bottle open, he stood to “peek” from the position and appear safe as far as the structure is concerned. Once he saw the glass, it was clear he had a shot with which to share with his companions. And what a treat this was!

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