Shocking: FDA approves first vaccine against Zika

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the first booster vaccine against the Zika virus, the organization announced Friday.

The vaccine is based on two ingredients: a bacterial strain called dengue, the virus that causes severe flu-like symptoms in humans, and a dengue-like virus from chickens that scientists showed could trigger the same response in humans.

Some of the main symptoms of the Zika virus are flu-like symptoms such as fever, severe muscle and joint pain, and rashes. But the virus can also cause various birth defects, including brain deformities, as well as neurological issues and miscarriages.

Unlike many other public health issues, Zika is not easily and quickly contracted. The majority of people who catch Zika do not become ill from it. The Aedes aegypti mosquito, the main carrier of the virus, is found only in tropical and subtropical climates.

But though it is tough to catch, the virus can still affect women and fetuses. The chances of getting Zika from sexual contact with an infected partner who does not have symptoms are low, but still possible.

The two CDC-recommended ways to prevent Zika infection are avoid getting bitten by an infected mosquito, and use the repellant that you buy at your local pharmacy.

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