The Waltons: this no-show looks ever so familiar

After CW’s announcement that a revival of its 1988 series The Waltons will be produced for another generation of Americans, the original cast members of the show were less than enthusiastic about their comeback.

The House of D’s Dixie Carter, who played matriarch Rose Walton, told TVLine that the plans were “happening pretty fast” and that there were “no plans to talk to us right now”. Creator Marshall Herskovitz, who is joining the show as an executive producer, added that he “really didn’t want to comment on anything” while filming was still going on.

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Outgoing series executive producer Tim Doyle warned that the continuation of the story was still in the early stages, with no official roles announced. “This is all just a really nice idea for people to have a place to go,” he said. “We’re reaching out to a lot of people, and so far, so good.”

The revival of The Waltons, in which patriarch Hugh (played by Christopher Plummer) returns home to Georgia following a brief term at West Point, is not the first by the classic classic US TV family, who were popular for three seasons, ending in 1988. The Family Guy is based on the series of which there are several episodes, while Home Improvement premiered in the US in the 1990s to similarly low ratings and hit nearly 10 million weekly viewers for its finale.

The top-rated show for its entire run, The Waltons ran for six seasons, spanning on ABC, CBS and eventually NBC from 1972 to 1984.

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