This Canadian suburb is billed as a parking jihad, but are the signs in place?

See the full closeup? The significant flaw in the design, according to the amused party, is in the added concrete and wood supports.

Toronto, Canada’s oldest city, is renowned for its offbeat little byways. Fleeing hurricanes or Canadians on the holidays? There’s nowhere to go but Aye’s Alley or East York Fruit Market. Here, in another popular suburb, people do illegal things with very bright sunglasses and towels.

For the past few years, it has been Aye Alley! Which has long attracted drivers who believe that the marked parking spaces lie within the main lanes of their road and are a safe place to park.

However, recent measures taken by Toronto police appear to indicate that signage is being deployed in the area and potential drivers are left with a perplexing headache.

Uninformed drivers who’ve driven into the parking spots have left this: “To day I thought this parking place would be great for space saving during busy days but NO thanks!” or “Took the wrong exit off the highway causing me to travel a few hundred feet beyond the car park then for 10 minutes I parked and got out. My own car.”

“Should have just picked something else to park on and I could have saved you all the wasted time and this is just pathetic!”

Some have tried to explain the confusion by pointing out that Toronto police had arrived at the spot not long ago and had told the cars to leave because it was clear the spot was blocked by solid brick. They would have been told to go farther away so that the parking signs would have been invisible.

But the confusion appears to be real and there are now claims that authorities in Aye Alley appear to be planning to plunk a made-for-cameras policing booth at the bus stop where the left-turn signals are located.

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