America’s best cocktails with alcohol content over a dozen percent

Written by By Serena Chow, CNN

America’s love affair with summer just got a little more intense with the holiday season just around the corner.

And if you plan on enjoying your favorite cocktail while you’re out and about, you’ll want to keep in mind that the alcohol content in your drink will vary slightly by drink.

Some liquor has higher alcohol content than others, so make sure to consult your bartender on which alcohol is the best for you.

Here are the highest alcohol content drinks you should really be quaffing — and those you’ll want to keep away from.

1. Vodka

Kuche Izze : Shot of rye vodka, St. George and Orchids Azure tea.

: Shot of rye vodka, St. George and Orchids Azure tea. Il Ristorante di Cipriani Napoli: Bottle of Angel Truss

2. Rum

El Pianillo “Zombie”: Rum liquor with cinnamon, rum, cloves, vanilla, lime juice and agave

3. Brown sugar-based syrup

Union Jack: Aloe Vera and Brown Sugar

4. Red wine

Black and Tan : Pinot Noir

Jack Rose: Chardonnay

5. Ginger ale

Mastercraft: Choice liquor or ginger ale

6. Wine coolers

District Winery: Summery pear and chardonnay blend

9. Beer

FujiFox: Framboise

J. Lukens Winery & Vineyards: Fume Blanc

J Lukens Winery & Vineyards: Fume Blanc Francophone

Bernards Winery: Lost in the Woods Imperial Stout

Jack O’Lantern: Imperial Stout

7. Ginger beer

Victory: Withjusta-lemonade

Lonnie’s at The Elm: With justa-lemonade

8. Black tea

The Sassy Lemonade House: Konduki Sparkling Black Tea

Yankies’ Tea: Ten Super Smooth Macadamia Nut Legumes Black Tea

9. Fruit vodka

Jovanovic Winery: Summer Peach vodka

10. Coffee/liquor

Banana Island Coffee Lounge: 3 oz. Luxardo maraschino cherry liqueur, 125 proof allspice dram, 1/2 oz. German Pilsner

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