Bookies’ Super Bowl odds: Patriots, Browns and Patriots are favored, the rest are where the money is

When FOX bookies order their Super Bowl bets, they’re all in. Don’t get that confused by the fact that NFL betting goes on almost year-round on TV station websites and in the betting lines sections of magazines and newspapers — gamblers are still taking their shots every Friday and Saturday night in prime time. It’s just that most are a good deal lower than the value of the NFL Championship.

Six of the eight FOX bookies gave an edge to the New England Patriots with the Seattle Seahawks/New Orleans Saints matchup being an even money wager (each way) or a touchdown for every dollar wager (one point to one point). Most have the Vikings/Chicago Bears as a touchdown wager at the moment (BetDSI Sportsbook has the bet at even money) and they also have the Los Angeles Rams-San Francisco 49ers on a 7.5-point spread (Zocholl Sportsbook).

Keep in mind the only bet we see all year in the sports book games at the Giants-Jets game in the Meadowlands is a high payout of $769. So that means the other two games on the list have to be worth their weight in cash on the line.

FOX bookies are also asking for bets on which receivers will catch the most touchdowns. Kicked off is Julio Jones of the Falcons — as any Atlanta fan knows, scoring all the time. The rest of the top four are Kam Chancellor of the Seahawks, Rob Gronkowski of the Patriots and Odell Beckham Jr. of the Giants.

Fox bookies have a host of topics they will ask about. The topics will be:

How many Super Bowl tickets will be auctioned

Will the New England Patriots win their fifth Super Bowl since 2014? Will Tom Brady ever win more Super Bowls than Peyton Manning?

How good are Antonio Brown and Odell Beckham Jr. going to be?

What’s the long-term effect on the future of the NFL of being legally sports gambling?

How will the bookies determine the best Super Bowl bets? That’s a tough one to guess. More info will be provided as it comes in. (CBS Sports Network’s Nate and Sal Harrell have a pretty good system for doing that.)

FOX is one of the trusted sources for sports betting and wagering information in the United States — they do 10 bookings each week, so they know their stuff. As a historical example of what can happen when a lot of money is bet on one game, check out the record year they set in 2017 when Paddy Power odds on the Super Bowl came out were posted, and went on to give fans and gamblers around the world a chance to rake in some serious money.

It’s called “Bet Day.”

It’s a day of betting at parlors, in betting shops and online. Super bowl bets are an all-day affair and bettors will have the entire day to see if their favorites manage to be a part of that story. One way or another, it will be a story that history will tell about, and Fox fans have a great chance to share that history in ways only possible at Super Bowl time.

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