Dune Bikes, Shark Pounce and Snake Eaters on Extremely Special Episode

Tonight’s episode of “Extremely Special Episode” pits eight couples against each other on the Great Sand Dunes Challenge. They are forced to hike, hike, hike to clear some sand out of the dunes. The First Couple to clear the entire course wins their first custom dune buggy. The Next Couple eliminated is: Val and Casey. Val starts the boat and Casey takes the shot, she ships it ahead of Casey. Casey manages to clear the first half of the course and the two tied for the prize money. The next couple eliminated is Dylan and Katie. Dylan is near the end of the course, having to make it up the hill. After he stops at a bunker, Katie starts to come out and Dylan forces her to scrubs the sand floor. Get with the program! Dylan has to swim his way out of the sand, after which he jumps on the boat. This is the stuff of love stories. Next, Ricky and Samantha are also in a race but theirs is a bugger because they hit an 8-inch sand dune and they have to scale another 6 feet in order to clear it out. They almost finish the course but a shark decides to start pouncein’ on the beach while they’re swimming. You get the gist. The next couple eliminated is Taylor and Neil. They spend a lot of time navigating the sand but still come up short on the first part of the course. The next couple eliminated is Brandon and Asia. They spend their time chasing turtles and the sand dunes. Asia seems to enjoy her sand work. Next, Marie and Ryan narrowly make it to the right place in time to clear the dunes. Marie overpowers Ryan, which brings tears to his eyes. Ryan goes out in the first round. Next, Nance and Kevin have a hurdle where they have to jump over a chute, but as soon as they get in, he has to get out on his own. Nance comes in a first but only because he doesn’t have to jump down. Next, Chad and Jenna show how the heat works. Chad and Jenna get stuck in the shade and because the sand is not hot enough, Jenna can’t get out. Next, Shelby and Luke do their best to clear out the last hurdle on their way to the final round. They almost clear it, but you know Shelby cannot make this up. Shelby stays in the desert a little longer and finally sits down when they are sure that the sand is completely cleared. Next, Ben and Shea do their best to clear out the sand on their way to the final round. They do manage to clear it and make it in first, which makes Ben very happy, according to Shea. Next, Will and Jessica get stuck in the sand for a long time. Will has a sand trap, making him a slow starter but Jessica never gets out. She is knocked out of the sand halfway through. Next, North Texans Chris and Donna and Olivia and Adam settle in to make the sand work for them and finally clear a few obstacles. Chris and Donna win the sand dune challenge. Courtney and Justin have been working hard to clear the dunes. Courtney is a bit too ambitious and wants to clear it the entire way, however, she has to take a detour and run off the course. Luckily Courtney wasn’t blown away by her wetsuit, and she doesn’t get knocked out. Next, Scott and Colby have just completed the course, but it was probably a few hours late for them. Scott looks like he really wants the dune buggy and Colby is just happy that he made it to the end. Colby and Taylor fight for their checkered flag. Taylor is nearly eliminated, but they manage to pull it off.

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