Has NYC’s traffic started to get real, real fast?

The new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lane, just two blocks away from The New York Times’ headquarters, has already split opinion, especially among those who live and work in or near the neighborhood.

A group of almost two dozen bus users, along with employees and office workers, held a protest rally on Wednesday to criticize the work-in-progress improvement project that they say violates open public space regulations and puts their safety at risk.

They did not have a completely eloquent plan, but were trying to draw the attention of city planners and city officials. The business owners along the route, many of whom stand to gain a significant profit from ticket sales, echoed similar complaints.

And now, with the midterm elections behind us, just days after President Trump denounced politicians supporting the new BRT lane, just how open, open, open are the streets of Midtown Manhattan to the motoring public?

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