Leading Experts Weigh in: Are States Making the Right Decisions After Flu Outbreak?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has declared a statewide public health emergency and declared an immediate travel restriction for visitors within the United States. Deaths linked to the flu have increased significantly, according to the CDC.

Two Austrian states, including Salzburg, have put many schools on lockdown as well, according to the mayor’s office in Salzburg.

“No one can go outside without wearing mask over nose and mouth,” Jeff Schneider told the Salzburg News.

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Local law enforcement agencies in Austria have told schools to “proceed with strict precautions” after “three cases of influenza A” were confirmed this week.

The Ministry of Health declared the emergency on Wednesday, following a similar declaration earlier this week from Israel’s Ministry of Health.

Deputy Minister of Health and Labour Friedrich Nitsch said, “We in Austria would definitely advise restraint and wearing protective masks. The influenza itself can spread by direct contact with an infected person’s vomit or sweat. Once the illness has taken hold, it is also contagious among children.”

Fox and Friends Weekend host Stuart Varney spoke with Fox News Legal Analyst Marc Istook on Thursday about why states are not being mandated to do the same thing.

“I think it’s a tough balancing act, and they’re wondering if it’s all we can do,” Istook said. “We’ve seen other states just lighten up on this stuff. Sometimes the infection can spread a lot more rapidly if you just shut down everything. That’s always difficult with the medical and legal question, whether you can really give that serious of a level of protection to the rest of the country as well.”

Watch the full discussion in the clip above.

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