Why are Formula 1 fans so determined to catch a fish rod with Max Verstappen?

Max Verstappen is America’s biggest Formula 1 fan.

At least, he’s like the biggest Formula 1 fan at the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta. And perhaps that makes him the biggest “what, me worry?” guy in the sport.

They call him the #NextStepinF1 for a reason. The Aussie was signing autographs for the hottest girls in F1, Amanda, Talia and Jasmine. Speaking of hot girls, @Amandaneboi sang a crazy good version of “Dumblonde” in which she showed Max how to properly use the knob for a backseats song. #Rocket17 pic.twitter.com/BKvYft8XFy — Auri Raica (@AuriRaica) May 11, 2018

“Anyone else wanna catch a fishing rod and help me with my issues,” Verstappen quipped, sporting a piercings, long nails and a clip-on mustache.

He almost had an E.T.-esque experience when he ran into Times’ reporter Sharieckneapauenniet on his tour bus Friday.

“I was like, ‘Hey, how was your day?’” Sharieckneapauenniet asked, not exactly armed with appropriate words to answer the two-time Red Bull driver’s question.

Verstappen jokingly responded, “Don’t tell anyone,”

“Let’s just say it was not a walk in the park,” he said.

The self-described Quiver n’ Rainen showed just how involved he is in all things Formula 1, tweeting out a side-by-side comparison between himself and new RS19 team-mate Brendon Hartley. Hartley was in Seattle, doing some media earlier this week, so he is not as in-tune with the current F1 storyline as Verstappen is.

Verstappen helped inspire a Post in-person takeover of the dealership.

“People in general, I think, have not really realized what our support means in F1,” he said. “Everybody knows the track, everybody knows when qualifying is starting, everybody knows when our first race is coming.

“People all around the world are helping us support and cheer us on. And the fans, they don’t realize how much that really helps support us.”

That’s why he’s always doing that during laps.

“The crowd is just very impressive,” Verstappen said. “First of all, sometimes I feel like I’m not even in front of the fans. Because just, they start to just cheer so loud. You don’t get any chance to stop, because the crowd is just coming from all directions. They just cheer. It’s incredible.”

He seems to enjoy the support. It’s on display as he goes by Shattles for most fans on Twitter, and he recently dropped a mixtape for the FF community as well. That is also a name of his next movie, slated for release this year, which he wrote, produced and starred in.

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