Woman Witnesses Fatal Crash After Driver of Truck Under Construction Appears to Not See Pedestrian

We all know of pedestrians having to cross the street and that sometimes it’s difficult to see when a pedestrian is in front of you.

Due to a recent accident on 4th Ave in Jackson, MS that killed two people, especially the driver of the truck involved, people are now questioning if the construction barricades on the sidewalk near the intersection of 4th Ave and Eager St./FM 3442 make it easy for people to not see the crossing light.


A photo of the project has been posted online showing a building under construction. Underneath a traffic signal are a set of LED lighting tubes, which are meant to make pedestrians in the lane just outside of the curbline, more visible to drivers.

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Two people were killed crossing the street outside of a stopped construction-paving lane in Jackson, Mississippi, Thursday morning and one person was in critical condition after being hit by a truck shortly after, according to police.

The work is being done for one of the reconstruction projects on 4th Avenue and FM 3442 that is currently taking place.

Regina Murphy-Hagan, a witness to the crash, was driving past the construction and witnessed the truck collide with the tractor trailer. The truck’s driver was pinned underneath his vehicle and died on scene. The truck’s passenger was taken to a hospital in critical condition.

Cindy Davis was on her way to work when she stopped to help the victim.

“I opened the door, and the body was on the ground. I said to myself, ‘I have to go.’ I got into my car, and I said to myself, ‘I can’t leave this body here.’ I opened the door and ran over there, and I asked the officers to stand me up, and then I started to start CPR and they were right there. They stopped CPR for me,” she said.

The highway has to be completely reconstructed because the road has been subsiding for years.

Marvin Brown, an investigator with the Mississippi Highway Patrol, said Friday morning he would continue to investigate the accident.

The crash also caused delays on Interstate 20. Drivers on FM 3442 were told to use FM 1220 west and FM 134 east as alternate routes.

Drivers in West Jackson are also being warned to expect delays as construction work is being done on I-20 westbound between FM 1220 and FM 4921. Drivers are being told to use FM 4921 westbound as an alternate route.

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